What is the All-in-One QR Code and what can I use it for?


QR Codes are commercialized two-dimensional barcodes that when scanned by an appropriate QR Code Reader application, will direct the scanner to a destination of the QR Code’s creator’s choosing. Website URLs, social media profile pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and simple time-saving actions such as compose Email, calling phone numbers or sending an SMS are among the most commonly used options. QR Codes are meant to form an easy and intuitive link between the physical world that the consumers inhabit and where they encounter QR Codes: products, posters, advertisements, online shopping and so on, and the mobile world where businesses would like to interact with their consumers and display before them the myriad possibilities and offers that they have for them. In order to transport the consumer into this world, all the consumer has to do is scan the code (learn more on what QR Codes are).

Unfortunately, most QR Codes in existence today only offer one destination per code, thus greatly crippling the QR Code’s ability to link the consumer with all the prospects and options that the business would like to offer them. Businesses must choose if their QR Code will direct their consumers to the company’s website, to a discount coupon, to the company’s contact details or to the store’s location within Google Maps. Now imagine a QR Code that can do all of these things - obliterating the need to choose and opening up a world of engagement opportunities between businesses and their consumers. This is where the All-in-One QR Code comes in – the next natural step in QR Code generation

All In One QR Code Example

The All-in-One QR Code works exactly as its name indicates – one QR Code that when scanned, offers several different destinations to choose from to its scanners. Instead of creating endless QR Codes that clutter your product’s design, confuse your consumers and lead to different destinations, now each company has the option to use one QR Code that embodies all of these different possibilities, sparing their consumer’s time and effort and making their website, contact information, location and details that much more available and user-friendly. With one click of their phone, each consumer can choose to be directed to a specific geographical location, website, social media page, to call a certain number or even send an SMS or email, greatly enhancing your QR Code’s usability and their experience with it and with your business and/or product.

In summary, most QR Codes today are limited in the options that they can offer to your consumers. Using an All-in-One Visual QR Code, merged attractively within your design, advertisement or product, will greatly amplify the effect and power that your QR Code with have to interact with your customers and increase their satisfaction with your product and the quality of your service.

One Click –> One QR Code –> Endless possibilities!

To create your All-in-One QR Code – press: